Are you a Starseed......?

Someone from the various Star Systems who has come here to incarnate on Earth at this time to create a shift by "being an example" of what is possible to the Earth humans here. 

As a starseed you feel so different to what everyone else is and see through all the illusions of this world and have done so since an early age. You feel it is easy to see what others are blind or ignorant to and cannot understand why they cannot see or choose ignorance. 

You are here on a self assigned group collective mission to help bring in a new energy that will awaken more of humanity and create a balance that is being requested from a soul level since humans exist in other places in the Galaxies and the humans here are related and connected to you. Humans on Earth for many years have asked for help to remember that their human bodies are far more than what they have been taught. To help reignite the codes within their dormant DNA that was meddled with to create slaves to mine gold from Earth to be used and taken elsewhere. 

Where many Starseeds come from is a place where they are aware of energy and live an energetic experience that is based on the practice of unconditional love on all levels where the physical reality of this world in comparison is such a dense, slowed down experience and is based on separation rather than unity. You feel the slowness and separation and can be caught in the external matrix of physicality which pulls you away from your peace and calm inside and tricks you into feeling disconnected rather than in Unity with All That Is. 

Starseeds generally go through many struggles that form their understanding of this world so that you may help others, as the majority of experiences here do not occur where you come from. Where you come from you are used to manifesting things through Intentions instantly, where here it takes so long that you lose track of your focus creating your reality and then believe the lie that the humans here are told that they are not creating their reality and thus slaves to the external world they choose as an authority over them and fumble and create recklessly without true conscious awareness. 

Where you are from there is complete love and acceptance rather than judgement.  This makes it a learning experience coming to Earth for your soul to understand what judgement is and to be careful not to judge yourself and be caught and addicted to the matrix like your human cousins here already. 

Until you remember who you are and where you are from it can be very hard and make you feel very alone. Like being in the desert with not a drop of water and thirsting for soulful connection but confusing and strange as there are many people around you yet their soulful presence distracted from them as they participate in a machine matrix world of systems designed to distract from your internal world where all reality is created. 

The people you meet here love your energy you give to them and some become inspired, awakened, remembering and others still learning love can become addicted and some steal and attempt to control your energy. These people addicted, stealing and controlling have yet to understand their own source connection and being open to themselves as the source of infinite energy instead of external to them in people and other energy sources. You will need to be around these people for short periods of time and give them lessons to awaken to their inner authority (intuition). It does not serve you or them to be around them for long periods of time without breaks to reconnect to yourself. It does not serve you playing small around these people as they are not "seeing the example" that they can be more. 

Starseeds are extremely sensitive and have healing abilities and other gifts that come to them easy. Starseeds feel able to help others with these abilities and gifts and resonate with many people who are in need. Although sometimes the need is confused with attempting to do something for people instead of just being an example of what is possible in a human body to help them awaken to their own inner gifts. Like when learning to ride a bike, once you have watched someone do this, you can see how it is done and learn by "seeing the example". This is the only way to truly change others as everyone makes choices and is their own path. Trying to force others to do and know what you do will inhibit your growth and hold you back. Be the example and let people when they are ready create the changes necessary on their path. 

Starseeds can easily fall into being sympathetic and the idea of separation and giving energy to victims but always feel drained by this choice the Starseed makes. Choosing to be sympathetic and empathetic and know we are all in a "game" and living in Avatars and the real you is an immortal soul and that you can choose to be on a vibration that aligns with the victim (sympathy) or align with the solution (empathy) and share the higher truth that we choose and create our experience and reality in every second. The balance of sympathy and empathy allows you to see and know who to help and how you can help them. There is no right or wrong, there just is. You are learning just as much as you are teaching as they are the one same thing. 

Underneath your experience and identity as a Starseed you may have come to know you are no different and that all living things are connected. You may also have become very aware that you are not better than anyone or anything and have no desire to struggle with any form of competition that makes one feel they are more than another. You see the equality in the experience here and can always choose humility to feel at peace. 

Sometimes a Starseed becomes lonely and wants to go "home" and bail out of the game. This is when we are needing to go inside and strengthen our inner connection to our Higher Self. We are always with our "self" and never alone and can choose to listen to our heartspace where our higher self/soul communicates through. 

An important lesson for a Starseed is learning how to be one with the Higher Self in this reality and allowing your awareness of yourself in other realities to be accessible and delivering information that applies to the moment you are in. By meditating, sleeping, dreaming, resting and turning off our bodies to go inward can we choose to connect to this part of ourselves and bring the energy from deep within and shine that light energy here into the Avatar body you chose and those around you. 

Although some people will align with what a starseed is, not all people are part of the self assigned group collective mission team. All humans on Earth have a galactic history and are technically Starseeds as well. Starseeds are from Pleadies, Sirius, Orion, Lyra, Arcturus, Andromeda, Capella, Auriga, Epsilon and many others. Try finding out where these stars are in the night sky and attempt to feel any energetic connection to any of these star systems and recognise your origin. 

The game being played on Earth has a very colourful story and one that is hard to follow if using the mind that has been given stories so far from the true history of Earth that it makes it difficult to understand the bigger picture that we are all in this Game together - Learning and creating through Love. Becoming Game Masters. Masters of the Matrix.