The concept of inequality is illusion as it is based on separateness perspective. This is what keeps us in our own self guarded prison. As soon as we recognise our connection to all that is and that all is equal, we can then begin the waking up process and actually live with observer and mind working together instead of in duality mode of yes/no, right/wrong. we can begin to identify that all is as it is and these are just perspectives. Perspectives can be changed according to attachment and beliefs...
I only believe in 3 things now..
I am beautiful.
I am love.
I am spirit.
These three things are constants in my world and can never change. Everything else I ever believed in has always changed or I can see that my perspective will change in time, as it is the nature of reality.... change is constant...
I question everything, never believe anything, never fall in the trap that what I believe is true and have to defend or prove it... If I have to prove or defend, then this is a sign of my ego (fears) manifesting as when proof or defence is required it is sometimes just your belief with no evidence and you are then just trying to convince someone to believe in you... This usually means you do not believe in you, as the real you told you the truth and now you fight the feeling by defending something or trying to prove it....
Here is Deepak talking about the Holographic Reality.....
This idea of common agreements is based on separation and that somehow we are not all one thing in the first place, when we have evidence showing that all of the physical reality we experience is made of electrons (from here to infinity) and this is the "construct" and everything that is working inside of this is not somehow "separated" and quantum physics shows us that all electrons have the ability to communicate over vast distances with no time lapse (they have a backdoor communication channel).

Studying Quantum Computers has given me a much better concept of what this is that we are experiencing. It is just one of many instances of the same thing, being played out by the "source" and is discovering the best solution.

What is source, singular or plural? What is its identity? How does it exists in its "normal" reality compared to this one? These are the questions that come to mind once you have understood what Quantum Physicts are saying and talking about our Holographic Reality.

This concept of common agreements and separation gives identity and then ego manifests as "I" not in All that is, but "I" in that I am somehow separate and this allows me to be better and worse than everything else and in this, be controlled by the construct as the ego requires the construct to have these thoughts as these thoughts cannot exist outside the construct....

Although it is true we have the "story" we have about our experience and is the fun part of the "Game" we chose, this is within the construct and part of it and is not us and not the true identity of what we are that comes into the avatar to have this experience. Nor can we know if Source is many or singular or is anything like how we perceive identity.

The ego if you allow it which talks all day and night long about the "construct that is manifesting and has manifested and will manifest (past, present and future)", rather than coming to a place within you that is not part of the construct and is outside of this construct and having a conversation with that part of yourself. The skill to learn is seeing the mind and ego be the dominant conversation in your experience and discipline this.

This experience is then in the moment and now and you can live an "energetic and intuitively guided" experience that is far more enjoyable and is the "flow" of the Game. Let your experience be dominated by your intent to silence everything that you are used to hearing so that "repetitive egoic mind" is then noticed for what it is and rather noisy and bossy...... Once you learn to silence this ego and laugh at it, the moment appears and the true you can be heard without the "static noise" of thoughts from the mind and ego tickling emotions and sometimes kicking them into the forefront of the mind's experience and drowning out your Higher Self voice which is your connection to Source (the real you). If you listen to yourself, then you have no need to do anything else especially listen to anyone else...... But I am talking about listening to your Higher Self vs Ego.....
I definitely think that the Game has the whole experience of growth covered and you cannot move to the next level   without going through experiences that we would call awakening to knowing your self.... I truly believe we choose our characters and avatars and the experience is very different from our normal reality and is why we come here to experience things we cannot do in our true form. These things would be physical things that require bodies. I sometimes can see the holographic reality as an open source project that anyone can come into and experience. The question then becomes, in our true form, do we all play in the same "parallel universes" at the same time or are we one coming into an individual instance of the software on a quantum computer if you will and using electrons in that computer to have this holographic reality and experience life within this reality. When you have DMT experiences, out of body experiences and near death experiences you see clearly there is no body needed for your experience as the true you is "consciousness" and is best described as "an observer". My DMT experiences were like this but to somewhere else where I became the observer. This place I believe is either our normal existence or another matrix construct like we have here but different frequency and so everything is moving and nothing still so much higher in vibration to here where everything is so slow it is dense and become solid and sometimes in between.

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