Very soon, we as humans on Earth will become more aware of what we are and still be only aware of a small fraction of our capabilities in human bodies. 

What we are is more than what we have been told. In fact, what we are has been removed from history, held back from us, kept secret and has attached associations of eternal pain, death and devilish monsters instead of acknowledging our beautiful Divine Angelic selves that live through the magical living temple - your body - your soul's spacesuit in this physical manifestation. Science is saying our physical world as we know, is nothing but a hologram, a virtual reality - an electrical organic computer simulation. Ancients have for some time said our experience is likened to an illusion or a dream even though it appears to be so real. That our bodies are a non-local experience to our souls and not "what we are" but a "particle or avatar of what we are". 

It is an exciting and grand time of mass, instant communication in Earth's history creating awareness of what possibilities our human bodies potential really is. It is now time to talk about our unique experiences that are out of the ordinary. To venture into our personal extraordinary realities without fearing the fences we have had put around us by the cult-ures we have grown up in that wish to keep us unaware. 

Those who have ventured beyond the first stage of the human body are sharing and being an example of what is possible. The Ancients were very aware that with work in various forms, the human body would open up and allow the occupant to have a whole deeper level of experience that some call paranormal or even superhuman. Some Ancient texts talk about some people learning how to live in a human body well beyond the ages we are aware of, up to 600+ years and even provide details of how this was achieved. This of course is not discussed let alone taken serious by those holding onto what they have learnt from cult-ures that want to keep you disconnected from the secrets of the human body. 

Many choose to hold onto the old paradigms due to the prolific spreading of fear and being given inaccurate concepts that keep them in the clutches of those that own planet Earth and who are learning about love. Learning that you cannot control something as in turn you are controlled by that something by "fear" controlling you and limiting your growth and experience. That allowing and loving is the greatest experience and is a concept of true freedom. 

The Ancient cultures knew that the human body as we see it was able to be "transformed" into more, so much more that we think it is not possible due to the efforts made by those who wish to own the human race and use us as unaware and asleep spiritually slaves in a way that most cannot see. Those that do see or feel something is not right have been challenged to be themselves, challenged to be honest about how they see and experience reality in a very different way than the owners of this planet would like. They have an awareness that can be so hard for them to own because of the peer pressure to give this awareness up and be part of the slavery to the many physical addictions created to keep us distracted from what is going on inside of us and stopping humans becoming aware of our non-physical selves - The Soul - the real part of us that is "behind" the scenes attempting to be the orchestrator of our physical experience but stopped by choices of being physically addicted and controlled by external forces and things outside of our bodies. 

Inside ourselves, through imagination, dreams and self reflection, our human bodies hold all the keys to understanding how to directly influence reality and create life experiences that we want rather than being the result of something external from us influencing our reality. That we can "cause" reality, shape our destiny, create our imaginations delights rather than be at the "effect" of reality as though we have no influence, no input and no way of changing what we see and experience. 

The clearest truth of our human bodies is that we are transmitters and receivers of our soul. And our soul exists "here" as a manifestation in a human body although not just "here" but also in multiple realities, some which appear and function nothing like what we know of. That our soul choses to come into this reality through the human body to explore, understand and experiment with what we can create through having free will to do anything and to grow from the choices we make to become grander creators of this physical manifestation. We are all particles of the one larger thing that is best described as All That Is. What we do to others we are doing to ourselves as a reflection of what lessons we are going through. If we cannot send love and forgiveness to others then we cannot expect that back or make all attempts to explore holding space to be an example to others and allow people to learn new ways of reacting and dealing with things in their life. 

In comparison to other places our soul resides in, this "here" is a very dense and slowed down experience. So slow that we can easily forget  the greatest law in all realities - what we believe and intend is what we create. Other places our soul resides, things manifest at the speed of instant, but here is so slow that between the time of beliefs and intentions actually manifesting, we can lose focus and attention (faith) and start to believe different to our original and then intend something else out of fear rather than love for your existence and the ability to create.  

Our intentions and beliefs combined, directly create our reality. When we choose to become aware of making our own intentions to be of the highest value for "all that is" rather than self indulgent at the expense of others, we then have the opportunity to grow into more than we know. Like a divine key unlocking, we can gain access to more and feel "enlightened". 

When we become aware of the beliefs installed into our minds by the owners of this planet and literally choose to delete them so they no longer reside in our thoughts, then our intentions become manifested. 

When we believe all the fearful and insecure based beliefs installed by schools and cult-ures we grow up in, we give up our purpose and become asleep and slave away and lose track of time and forget about the non-physical self and become disconnected. We lose life... We lose dignity in our real purpose... We lose faith in reaching the highest aspects of human potential...  We lose our "self" that is the real self and not measured by comparing physical things like your body and what you own - but rather how you feel and how you make others feel. 

What if we have been taught and programmed to be nothing but physical bodies used to dig up gold for owners of our planet who do not have our interests at heart and their "beyond belief" agenda has been covered up and removed from history. What if we are more powerful than they are wanting us to know and what if they are losing that grip of the humans as we question and discover that anyone in so called power positions are not in alignment for "service" to humanity and are using fear to put people into the hardest prison to break out of - a fearful, unloving, judgemental mind. 

Where did our fascination of digging up gold as a form of currency for exchange and the extrapolation of gold into money come from? Many aware people agree that money is our biggest challenge as a collective and one enormous addiction of the modern human race. 

We have been convinced to be distracted and completely mindful of gaining more and more things that gold/money can buy to a point where sustainability is forgotten and self glorification is king. We have been taught to compare ourselves based on our physical attributes and belongings rather than our non-physical reality of everything being absolutely equal and purposefully unique and feeling blissfully connected to the organic universe and part of a collective that although can appear separate, is One "thing". 

Remember who you are and what you can do by listening to your soul speaking inside your heart space and is accessible from meditation, yoga, walking in nature, dancing, art, singing and many other things that make you feel connected to your heart and not just your head.