Is Science now confirming Intuition and saying to follow your heart always?

Did you know the first thing that is formed when you were in your mother’s womb was your heart…. The very first thing, and everything else grows around this. Not your brain. Your brain is not the real "you” but part of something much bigger. The brain has instincts installed upon your brains formation. This is how you know how to do things that we take for granted. I think of our brain having pre-installed software or an operating system much like Windows or Mac.  Our heart, is another thing entirely different though. Let me explain……

From my experiences in life the concept of being heartbroken is not the way we have interpreted this feeling. My interpretation of this is when you feel this way, it is your heart telling you that everything is OK and what you are "thinking” is not in alignment with your heart's perspective and so your heart is trying to communicate to you since you are not listening and instead listening to your thoughts and nothing else. Our learned way of seeing reality is so void of emotional intelligence due to the fact that we have no instructions or user manual that is publicly available and taught to us when we are young. In fact our modern cult-ure has made the idea of having mental intelligence more important than emotional intelligence. Yet our emotions are what we "feel” each day and is determining our "state” and how we enjoy or not enjoy our life. We have been given the idea that knowing that 1+1=2 is much more important than knowing how to change how you feel inside your body to feel more comfortable and to enjoy our existence and live a life of happiness.

Too much thinking and stressful thoughts create emotions (energy in motion through time that is attached to your energy field) that can restrict your body's natural electrical energy field flow literally stealing the flow of energy in your body as your head dominates the energy requirements. This creates a feeling of being drained of energy and giving you headaches from too much energy in your head.

Letting your mind get away with thinking so much, stops the natural, peaceful flow of energy from your heart. HeartMath scientists have discovered that our Heart is where all "information” is received from what is now known and understood as the "source” of your intuition. Heartmath Institute have done amazing experiments and can see that "information" comes into your heart first, then your brain and finally the rest of the body. Your intuition is a form of communication from a part of you that does not exist in a physical way that you are familiar with and the source where it is arriving at first is your Heart.

What these scientists found was that before something happens in the physical reality as we know it, that your heart receives information and sends it to your brain and the rest of your body. They could see "intuition” or pre-cognition (knowing before) happening. This is all happening so fast that we cannot perceive it but thanks to biofeedback measurement tools measuring our body in different ways such as heart rate, heart coherence, skin conductivity, brain activity and breathing rate, we can now see this.

Science really is just a bunch of theories that have proven the test of time with no evidence that shows it to be untrue and is why you cannot use old outdated science theories like the Sun and planets revolve around Earth as we have evidence that makes this untrue. The theory that stands true for now is that people who are using their heart and intuition are receiving information from what some quantum scientists have called "The Field" where all electrons in existence throughout the entire Universe disappear to and reappear back in our reality so fast each second. In fact they disappear so fast we need to write out a 1 with forty zeros behind 10000000000000000000000000000000000… etc etc (40 zeros) to explain how fast this happens "every second”. We use big numbers like this when explaining how computers, mobile phones and other technology works. But in the case of electrons disappearing, this number is massive and many times more than the technology we currently use is working at.  So this very large number is how many times in a second that electrons are going somewhere out of our physical reality and then reappearing. This leads to a very important point. That half the time the electrons we see are here and the other half the time, they are somewhere else and is happening so fast we cannot possibly ever notice. This is the same with computer display monitors for example. The rate at which the computer screen is rapidly flickering is so fast we cannot see it, but we have a "visual” experience that we can see as a result much like when we look at the world around us with our eyes.

What some scientists believe is that we will eventually find that all the electrons that make up reality are actually disappearing and going "somewhere" that provides information to them and they come back. This is how they explain many experiments in Quantum Physics where they witness information travelling between two places instantly with no delay in time. In other words, so fast that it leaves the speed of light way behind in the scale of speed.

Next time you feel your heart area of your body not feeling warm and comfortable and peaceful, and instead feeling pain, disruption or pressure, then know there is a part of you that wants to direct and navigate you with information that is the opposite or very different from what your mind is thinking. This information appears to come from a place where everything is connected and nothing is separate and is why it sees things differently to our mind which sees everything separately and isolated and not connected.

This "Field" they talk about is how we are sometimes receiving "feelings", "visions" or "dreams" about someone we know and then that person contacts us. The electrons that are making up our reality are communicating to us from another place where "All Information Exists a once" in a place that is neither bound or made of "time" or distance". This place is if you want to visually think about it, is like a Computer or Hard Drive that holds all the Past, Present and Future on its hard drives. That electrons are writing and reading this information much like a Program or Software would read a hard drive and the end result is this experience we call our reality. That our reality as we know it is not really a "place” but something created from another place and we interact "inside of it”. The Matrix?

This is why quantum scientists’ theories hold true that we live in a Holographic Universe or another way to think about is as a Computer Simulation where some technology creates this reality and experience using "time and distance" and an amazing technological interface called the Human Body is the Avataar which the real you interacts in this place.

I know this all sounds way out there and I will go a little further first before I come back to my original point so that you may understand "the nature of reality” that is being discovered and this may break a few beliefs you have about how the world operates and I am hoping you might have a much better experience because you can know that what you were taught was not quite right and you have options beyond what you have understood previously.....


We are about to move into Quantum Computer technology and this is where our experience of reality will change so much. Let me explain what this big step means.... For quite some time, the theory of "quantum computers” was in place but no one had made anything work. Now just recently scientists have made a very small "working” device of how Quantum Computers will be working for us and is a massive advancement in Computer Science. These scientists are excited about the direction and advancements being made but also foresee massive changes that many of us cannot even comprehend. I hope to help you understand something today of what they are seeing will happen. Let me try to explain Quantum Computer technology for you...

The internet as we know of allows us to send and receive information from anywhere in the world. We see a delay or "time" in direct proportion to "distance" and so the further away we are from the source, the longer it takes for information to be delivered. Quantum Computers will use the observed phenomena where electrons, once "entangled" (touched each other) are then able to communicate no matter how far they are away from each other with "no time delay” that we can perceive. Let me give you a real example of how this will work. Imagine if you will, we have one Quantum Computer on Earth and one Quantum Computer on Mars. When information is written to the Quantum Computer's "hard drive" here on Earth, this information will "instantly” appear on the Quantum Computer in Mars, with absolutely "zero time or delay” between the two computers despite the very large distance. Lets take another Quantum computer and send it to another Galaxy very far away, and the same applies with no time delay between the two computers sending and receiving information from each other. Quantum Science is showing us there is something about our reality that is more connected than we could ever possibly imagine and they now know our bodies are using this every moment and always have!

Quantum Computers will make what we know of as the internet appear to be ancient technology as the speed is so slow, like the way we see the ancient method of using pigeons to send messages. We will have instant communication and massive amounts of information able to flow from anywhere in the known universe "with no time required". Imagine you want to watch a Movie off the internet. Your experience will be of no buffering, no download time, no bad wifi giving you problems! Nothing like slow internet that we experience will exist anymore. Neither will we need to have cables to transfer information from one place to another. Children of the future will not know what it is like to wait for things to download, they will expect things instantly and will get it. It will change the world in a massive way when this technology is made publicly available.

I explain all this, as I want to show you that there is evidence that shows us how our Human Bodies really work and that we need to re-think about what our Human bodies really are and what is the source of information that comes to us from another place that does not exist here as we know it and comes first to our Heart.

My theory on this is that our Bodies are Avatars which our "soul" comes into and has an experience completely by choice. The Avatar receives information from "Source" (the Field) where our true "self" exists and has many "experiences/lives" to which it is experiencing and has lived.


In my opinion, the idea of our own "personal” past lives does not hold up when you get to this level of thinking as in the Field there is only "One" thing that communicates with everything and is connected and creates what we see and experience here. So when we experience a past life recollection, we are really accessing a library of a life that is relevant to our experience right now to provide information here and now from that life. In other words the Avatar is the only thing wants to hold a belief about "identity” that it is separate and "owns” something. The concept of separateness is actually a "taught” belief in our cult-ures.  We have indigenous and ancient cult-ures talking about "everything connected” but in our modern world cult-ure this has been replaced with what we see as form of separation. This has created experiences of disconnection to everything and some people choose to have little or no regard for anything else other than what their mind perceives as ‘itself” (usually just the body, mind and "its” physical belongings). This indoctrination into separation from our cult-ure is how minds are "distracted” in this experience we call life and "forget” our real connection to a source in our Heart which is a greater, wiser part of ourselves. I personally like to think this experience in the Avatar is a "Game”, that we navigate through and "grow” into a much larger awareness of who we are other than the body and what is in the "mind” and experience anything we want to in this playground of physical reality where we clearly see there is "free will” with nothing stopping anything from creating, experimenting and discovering what the physical reality is capable of (what the Game can do). That we have a connection to "something” way more "knowing and aware of everything” that our minds can ever have by itself as it thinks in relative terms of what it has experienced and been taught. This something with awareness of everything is connected to everyone and everything in existence. Our hearts are receiving information from this and is the "source” that we can now acknowledge on a physical level thanks to HeartMath scientists. I think of it as a Game to not get too serious and buy into the cult-ure teachings that divide us and make us afraid and fill us with low self esteem patterns.


Back to my original point, our hearts are talking to us, where this information is coming from, we do not understand yet and only have theories, but what we do see is our minds seem to have learned a way of taking the "connection/awareness” to our heart away by dominating our experience here by always thinking. What does this mean? Take the time to slow down, stop and stare into space and let all your physical connection go so that you connect with and have a constant awareness of what is going on inside you at a level of feeling the body as well as the subtle energy around you. Meditation is just one way you can do this and many practices exist such as yoga, dancing, art and the list goes on. Those who have done lots of meditation have understood the Heart and Mind connection and to have an experience that is not dominated by your mind but by the "source” of who we are inside of our Hearts.


So why is it that we have a force if you would like to call it, that is pushing us to be less aware and disconnected?  For the very purpose to understand what it feels like to be disconnected so that you "value and appreciate” connection.  Many times we will look at experiences in our life and say something terrible or bad happened to us, but how many times has that bad experience brought us to a place of greater skills of playing this Game of Life?  How many lessons have we been taught from bad, that ends up taking us to a place of good? We perceive in the moment of experience and judge it and call it "good or bad” but is really just a perception and this perception can change later when we reflect back and say something like "It was the best thing that happened to me because…”


The skills I believe we can learn to navigate the Game of Life better, is to feel connection to our Hearts, to each other, to everything that surrounds us, too all that exists. To identify what uplifts us into a connected feeling and what does not. To create more of what makes us feel connected and to eliminate what we gives us disconnection. To be responsible for creating disconnection for others and ourselves. Maybe we win in the Game of Life, when we have mastered this feeling and awareness of connection to All That Is. That we "ascend” to the next level in the Game which involves Immortality and Time Travel, something which we believe is science fiction, but in fact was the two highest sciences that the Ancient Egyptians taught and believed in.


Yes the people who built the Pyramids that still to this day have never been replicated due to our lack of understanding what science they used to build them thought of Immortality and Time Travel as a higher science than Pyramid Building. The Ancient Mayans believed we would go through a time when we would feel very disconnected and would forget the technology we have in our bodies and will start to remember by first creating a mirror image of what we are capable of in the external world. So here we are creating computers, mobile phones and other technology which is allowing us to see what we have inside of us - the ability to send and receive information over great distances.