Reiki Master Course

Attunement - a reiki healing performed by a Reiki Master where your energy is cleared and an intention is set to activate your healing energy within. The healing specifically focuses on clearing your chakra/endocrine system. Then a great deal of reiki energy is focussed on your heart and crown chakra and your hands and feet to bring these parts into an activated state which is a permanent activation. 

Understanding Reiki Energy - a theory class where we talk about energy and points of view from the ancients as well as modern science and especially quantum physics. This class will allow your mind to understand how you can affect reality. You will begin to understand how your thoughts create reality and with this know how your heart centred intentions and mind visualisations using light are key to understanding how to become a Master of Reiki. You will learn what the chakra/endocrine system is and how this plays a role in the health of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. 

Performing Reiki to yourself and others - this class is hands on as you start first to do reiki to yourself and then another person. A major key to understanding reiki is to clean and heal your own energy field and fill your field full of light to strengthen your energy. You will learn what to do each day to scan, cleanse, increase and balance your energy. Once you have felt the reiki energy on yourself, you will then learn the procedure and process of performing reiki to another person including how to prepare yourself before commencing a healing, hand positions and places to direct reiki for specific results. You will learn how to feel where energy is flowing and blocked in someone's field and how to help their energy flow naturally. 

Using Crystals and Colours in Reiki Energy - this theoretical and hands on class gives you the basic theory of how crystals and visualising different colours can be used to enhance a reiki healing. You will be provided with crystals as well as encouraged to bring some of your own crystals to learn how to cleanse, charge and program crystals. You will learn how to use colours in reiki healings for specific results. 

Distant Healing and Diagnosis- this hands on class will teach you how your thoughts are the very requirement for reiki to work and that the physical body is not needed in your presence to be able to perform a healing. The ability to diagnose from a distance where energy is flowing and blocked will give you the guidance to direct reiki energy with your thoughts. 

Seeing Energy and Auras - this hands on class will teach you how to start to use your eyes differently to see energy. The ability to see auras provides another layer of diagnosis for reiki healing and improving your life experience giving you awareness of people around you that you did not have before. 

Performing a Reiki Master Attunement - this hands on class will give you the specific steps to attune any person who wishes to also start the process of becoming a Reiki Master. You will perform the attunement on another person and be able to then feel confident in knowing how to share and teach reiki with people who would like to learn from you. 

An important point in understanding reiki, is learning to trust yourself and start to listen to your inner authority. With this concept in mind, once you have attended all the classes of the course, you will receive a certificate in Digital format and a printed version that states you are a Reiki Master. This however is a piece of paper and does not define you. What defines you is your self awareness and by practicing reiki every day on yourself and performing healings on people  as often as possible, you will soon understand that you are from birth creating and affecting reality and that this course was just giving you guidelines and awareness on how to become a confident master of energy and that no piece of paper or another person defines this, only you do. This being said, you do not need a piece of paper to do reiki, just yourself!